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What is Physical Therapy?
Physical therapy is the use of an evidence based, rational and systematic approach to identify and diagnose musculoskeletal impairments, determine functional limitations and devise a plan of care with the optimal goal of restoring the ability of a person to return to the work, community, lifestyle and sporting activities at levels previously attained with compassionate and empathetic dedication.

Our Physical Therapy department is comprised of New Mexico State licensed professionals with extensive knowledge and training in anatomy, physiology, and the biomechanics of the body. They are the experts in helping you get out of pain and back in action. Our therapists use a hands-on approach in conjunction with select neuromuscular and therapeutic exercises and specific modalities as needed. The most commonly used therapeutic procedures/modalities are:


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Physical Therapy


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What does physical therapy treat?
Physical therapy is designed to treat acute, sub-acute and chronic injuries that cause impairments, pain and/or dysfunction in the spinal column, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves. Most notably physical therapy also provides rehabilitation from the effects from orthopedic surgery, cardiovascular disease and neurological trauma. Physical therapy treats a wide range of conditions from athletic and work related injuries such as chondromalacia (runnerís knee), plantar fasciitis, shoulder / rotator cuff impingement and various muscle strains and ligament sprains to more systemic conditions such as osteoarthritis, lymphedema, degenerative disc disease, fibromyalgia and chronic low back and neck pain.

Why does physical therapy work?
Many medical conditions cannot be instantaneously cured by surgery, and medication merely provides temporary relief. With merely drugs or surgery, the pain may be temporarily reduced, but an expert physical therapist works not only on mitigating the immediate pain, they are able to devise a specialized treatment plan, establish short and long term goals and provide a multitude of skilled interventions. With comprehensive long term management, and education in bio-mechanical and lifestyle modifications a physical therapist and help the patient to take control of their condition that is causing impairment, so that it does not continue to deteriorate to a point where more invasive steps would be required. The goal of physical therapy is to restore function to an impaired body segment to help return the person to previous levels of activity and work and community participation.

Can physical therapy alone treat a condition?
Physical therapists are experts in the musculoskeletal and nervous systems and the physiological processes of rehabilitation and restoration of function. Physical therapists can help guide you through the recovery process to ensure a successful and long-term favorable outcome.

Some conditions require only physical therapy. However, because every person and situation is unique, in some cases, physical therapy alone cannot bring a person back to full health. Some injuries and impairments require surgery followed by, management with medications, extensive physical therapy in coordination with skilled services from other medical providers in the health care continuum.

From injury prevention, management of the effects of cardiovascular and metabolic disease to post operative rehabilitation, physical therapy is a vital aspect of care so that a person can participate fully and get the most enjoyment in

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE):
FCE is a series of tests performed to determine what actions (walking, sitting, lifting and reaching) a patient can safely form and what the limitations are within those actions.